Music Theory Lessons


Don't underestimate the force of music theory. One must master the theory before they can truly become a music Jedi master. Learning the foundation and the construct of music will enable you to understand not just how to do something but exactly why and what effect it will have on your music. Do not fear music theory, for fear is path to the dark side young padawan and help you we will. Music theory lessons Bridgend from Hot Jam Studios.

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music theory lessons in Bridgend

We offer Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced  music theory lessons to students of all ages. Lessons are taught by our music theory tutor Colm Foxon within our purpose built music studio in central Bridgend. We are also very proud to have some out of this world equipment available at the studio to help your theory progress to a galaxy far far away.

Here at Hot Jam Studios, we support our students’ music theory progression by focusing what inspires them to learn and creating a syllabus based on their goals. Maintaining a relaxed positive atmosphere, we’ll work on challenges that are exciting, engaging and most importantly fun. We also understand that nothing motivates practice more than being able to tell that we are improving. So to make sure our students can see (and more importantly hear) their progression, we’ll regularly take time to reflect and apply the materials covered on our chosen instrument.

We all have different tastes in music so every students syllabus will be unique to them but here are some areas you might want to include in your studies;

  • Grades (Rockschool RSL)
  • Chords, Scales, Arpeggios
  • Key Signatures & Modulation
  • Musical Modes
  • Song Writing Techniques
  • Ear Training
  • Melodic and Harmonic Devices

To make sure our lessons are also a convenient and comfortable experience for our students, parents and or guardians our facilities includes;

  • Central Location
  • Free Parking
  • Comfortable Waiting Room
  • Free WiFi
  • Complimentary Tea & Coffee Facilities
  • Cash, Card or Bank Transfer Payments Accepted
music theory

Lessons Prices

30 minute Lesson - £13

1 hour Lesson - £26

The first lesson is free for any new student, so feel free to come on down and give it a go.

All lessons are one-to-one.

Gift voucher are available, please contact us for more information.